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Get leaner and stronger

Reduce illness, injury and disease

Feel happier and more energetic

Improve performance and endurance

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Why CrossFit Winnipeg?

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Empowering, life-changing programs

Fully equipped facility with the most classes

Passionate, professional coaches

Focus on longevity and mastery

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Friendly, accessible beginner program

Small group or 1 on 1 training

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Designed for health and fitness, not competition


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Adam Walsh, one of the few Manual Osteopaths in Winnipeg, will be at CrossFit Winnipeg this Sunday afternoon! Take a moment during your final afternoon at the event to visit Adam, you won’t be disappointed. If you don’t know what a Manual Osteopath does, you best now do your research or just drop in and ask him! Manual…

Dr. Christopher Notley will also be present Sunday morning to assist any competitor who needs after the first day of competition! Dr. Notley has also been a huge supporter of FrostFit for a few years now & if you are lucky enough to be chosen for the quality of movement or spirit of the games awards,…

Competitors, looking for a little TLC throughout the weekend? We’ve got you. Dr. Rob Spiers & Christian Manansala from Aberdeen Chiropractic will be available to you in the AM hours both Saturday & Sunday. Both gentlemen are extremely knowledgeable & can assist you in reaching your competition goals. We would like to thank Aberdeen Chiropractic for…

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