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What is CrossFit?

CrossFit combines the best of weightlifting, sprinting, calisthenics, kettlebells and basic gymnastics. The workouts are short and hard, but they produce amazing results. Best of all, CrossFit is fun. Our community
encourages and inspires, holding you accountable to your fitness goals. Together we get stronger, better and faster. At CrossFit Winnipeg, we live this and we celebrate it. Each one hour group workout consists of a warm-up, strength or skill

Our Approach

At CrossFit Winnipeg, we want to make you happier by making you healthier. Our holistic approach to health, fitness and performance emphasizes mastery of movement, recovery and nutrition. Our knowledgeable and passionate coaching staff create a safe and effective training environment, supported by a community of like minded members.

This year’s Spring Leaning Paleo Challenge was a huge success! In total, participants lost 283 pounds and 423 centimeters around their waists and hips.  In addition, we added 2912 reps to our collective “Cindy” scores, meaning we did hundreds more squats, pullups and pushups after the challenge than we did before. Daniel Billinkoff won the Gold…

We are honoured to have Megan Maes as one of CrossFit Winnipeg’s newest coaches. Her passion for the fundamentals makes her the perfect fit and she did a great job flexing her coaching muscle throughout the Open. Here’s a quick Q&A to help you get to know Coach Megan and her thoughts on training at…

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