What is CrossFit?

Get leaner and stronger

Reduce illness, injury and disease

Feel happier and more energetic

Improve performance and endurance

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Why CrossFit Winnipeg?

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Empowering, life-changing programs

Fully equipped facility with the most classes

Passionate, professional coaches

Focus on longevity and mastery

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Friendly, accessible beginner program

Small group or 1 on 1 training

Flexible schedule

Designed for health and fitness, not competition


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Spring Leaning Challenge

This week’s theme is sleep & stress. Your daily bonus challenge for Thursday is to not…

Please post your daily food log and point total for Wednesday to the comments section…

Please post your daily food log and point total to the comments section below or…

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May is pull-up month at CFW!  This means we’ll be working on various ways of strengthening your shoulders, back and arms to improve your pulling strength.  We’ll also work on thoracic mobility and shoulder mobility to make sure you make some progress over the next month or so.  Keep in mind this doesn’t mean that we’ll…

Reschedule!  A quick note from Coach Anna on our Summer Showdown event.  Looks like we double booked so we’ll be moving it to June 18th & 19th…   Firstly, I want to apologize for having to do this but I felt it necessary to postpone the Summer Showdown to the weekend of June 18th and…

BIG NEWS!  Save the date! CrossFit Winnipeg will be hosting two summer events open to all affiliates. Summer Showdown – Saturday June 18th – Sunday June 19th Registration date: Friday, April 29th Description: A four person (2M/2F), two-day competition with two divisions (Novice + RX). Guaranteed 3 events on Saturday, 2 events on Sunday. One Final…

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