What is CrossFit?

Get leaner and stronger

Reduce illness, injury and disease

Feel happier and more energetic

Improve performance and endurance

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Why CrossFit Winnipeg?

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Empowering, life-changing programs

Fully equipped facility with the most classes

Passionate, professional coaches

Focus on longevity and mastery

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Designed for health and fitness, not competition


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-by Tania Tétrault Vrga When we join a gym or start a new fitness class, we often operate under the assumption that everyone else is perfectly fit and healthy. Everywhere we look, there is another superwoman or superman who seems to have it all, a lean healthy body, a successful career, a beautiful home.  Everyone…

Kevin started at CFW through our SWEAT Bootcamp back in the fall of 2016. He is now a full fledged CrossFitter with some pretty cool stories to tell. Whenever I meet someone new who is interested in joining CFW, I asked about their goals and what they are training for. Kevin had a pretty cool…

— by Tania Tétraul Vrga I’m extremely excited to announce that CFW is teaming up with Agatsu, Inc. to become the home of Agatsu Winnipeg. In the same way CFW is an affiliate of CrossFit, CFW will now also be an affiliate of Agatsu. As a senior instructor for Agatsu, I already represent Agatsu by giving kettlebell…

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