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Get leaner and stronger

Reduce illness, injury and disease

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Improve performance and endurance

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Empowering, life-changing programs

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Passionate, professional coaches

Focus on longevity and mastery

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Group CrossFit + Individual Skill Sessions CrossFit is “Constantly Varied Functional Movements Performed at High Intensity”. The constantly varied part is crucial to the fun of it all as no two days are the same. When you choose CrossFit, you get a huge range of movements to learn, practice and master. Sometimes, though, variance can…

      New for spring/summer 2017 Introducing a new 6-week Olympic Weightlifting specific program. This program will be individualized to every participant and help athletes become better weightlifters and better CrossFitters and more well-rounded athletes. Our first sessions starts runs from June 14th to July 24th, 2017. Space will be very limited due to…

New for spring/summer 2017 We are happy to introduce CFW’s new Strength Club!  A membership to the CFW Strength Club will be entirely separate from a regular CFW membership.  The new strength club replaces our old powerlifting classes, and will include 4 coached group sessions per week; each 90 minutes of hard work, heavy music,…

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