CrossFit Membership Fees


Our training fees are based on frequency of training and length of contract.  Choose from 8 workouts per month, 13 workouts per month or unlimited.  Choose a month-to-month contract or receive discounts for 6 month or 12 month commitments. Prices range from $8 per class up to $21 per class, billed on  a monthly basis.  The training fees include general nutritional counseling, programming, professional coached workouts, and many special events and seminars.


Training Fees Monthly Investment*
Frequency of Training & Term of Contract 12 Month Commitment 6 Month Commitment Month to Month
8 times per month (2xweek) $109 $129 $164
13 times per month (3xweek) $149 $179 $219
Unlimited $174 $214 $269


*All prices subject to GST
**Ask us about our Family or Student discounts


Memberships give you access to 60 minute coached small group classes, including CrossFit and specialty classes such as Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Yoga, Kettlebell and Mobility Classes. Click here for our class schedule.


Try out a class for FREE before you commit!  Drop in and find out what CrossFit is all about. Register here for your free class.


Why is CrossFit more expensive than traditional gyms? Click here to find out.


Getting Started


New to CrossFit? Then our Start Up Packages are for you! Before you get started with a regular membership, we need to get you familiar with our movements. There are two ways to get started, personal training, or small group classes. Each of these packages includes a 2-week unlimited CrossFit Winnipeg membership, $134 value!


CrossFit One-on-one Start Up Package Includes:

6 personal training sessions +

2 weeks unlimited CrossFit Winnipeg membership

$585    $349
CrossFit Group Start Up Package Includes:

12 small group On Ramp classes +

2 weeks unlimited CrossFit Winnipeg Membership

$309    $249


Agatsu Membership

Want to try functional training without the heavy weights?  The Agatsu membership focuses on general physical preparedness using your bodyweight, kettlebells, medicine balls, and dumbbells.  This membership allows you to train functional movements without the competitive “beat the clock” nature of CrossFit, the focus is on mastering movements and skills before moving on to more complex skills. The membership is $139 monthly and includes unlimited access the following classes: Gymnastics Strength, Kettlebell, HIIT, Bootcamp, Movement & Mobility, Yoga.


Other Services

 Personal Training 60 min session $75
 Personal Training 30 min session $45
 Massage Therapy 60 min session $85
 Nutrition Consult/Bodyfat Measurement $100




Questions? Give our friendly staff a call at 204-414-9348 or email us at


* Add 5% GST to these prices