New for Spring/Summer 2017: Strongman Club! 

In preparation for our annual Barbell Classic, we are giving members a chance to practice the sport of strongman. Log press, circus dumbbell, farmer carry, yoke walks, stone/keg loading and tire flips are just a few examples of strongman events. Strength, speed, and finesse all play a role in this varied sport, along with a ton of grit.


CFW Strongman Classes are 90 minutes each. They will be running Saturdays at noon in 6-week cycles. Each week will alternate between strength days and event practice days.


Strongman pricing (for 6-week block):


– $99 for CFW members

– $129 for non-members

– $25 drop-in


All fitness levels are welcome, whether you plan on participating in the Barbell Classic or not (who knows, it may change your mind!). Come on out for some heavy weights, heavy music, and hopefully some sunshine!



Note: Make sure to bring sunglasses and outdoor-appropriate shoes with good traction